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Money. Bankruptcy is all about your past, present, and future money issues.  You can ask any questions you may have about all three:

• Past debt Elimination

• Present asset protection

• Future fresh start

Options. We will thoroughly discuss all of your Bankruptcy and non-Bankruptcy options.  Congress has tightened up Bankruptcy for a few people, and added new requirements for everybody.  Bankruptcy works for most people.  Our consultation records reflect that over ninety percent of our consultations engage our services.

Right now.  Consultations with our office are FREE.  You will meet with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.  There is no preparation needed.  You may come as you are.  If your finances are interfering with any aspect of your life such as work, family, health, you need to contact Newark & Newark today.  If Bankruptcy is in your best interests, every day you delay costs you money.

Our firm offers the guidance you need to make an informed decision regarding filing for Bankruptcy.

An experienced attorney. Richard C. Newark is a former Nevada Deputy Attorney General who has over 35 years of experience. Half of those years he has represented creditors and has taken away houses, cars, and money from people's paychecks and bank accounts.  Let this experience help protect your assets.  He has assisted thousands during Bankruptcy and he's ready and able to assist you with yours.

You should come right to Newark & Newark Law Firm.

Your money. You money is your freedom.  You may have concerns about your money and your finances.  Bankruptcy can give a fresh start to an honest debtor.  Each year approximately 2 million Americans file for Bankruptcy.  We understand it's not easy to discuss your financial difficulties with a stranger.  Let us put our experience to work for you.


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Bankruptcy Consultation Questions and Answers


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