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1. Consultation. The initial consultation is a free meeting with an Attorney. No preparation is necessary. All you need to bring with you are your questions. Evening and Saturday appointments are available for people who work 8:00 to 5:00 during the week.


2. Retainer. The Retainer is truly the key to your Bankruptcy and it sets the Bankruptcy process in motion. After the retainer is paid, you may defer harassing telephone calls to our office, and it allows you to set a time for Step 3, the paperwork, and Step 5, the filing.


Consult Contact. Any member of our staff will be happy to assist you in scheduling your consultation appointment with the attorneys during this phase.


3. Documents. The document appointment is usually set when you complete the retainer. Bring the documents and we'll do the work. At the conclusion of the document appointment, you set a time to sign the petition.


4. Class. Credit Counseling. The court requires that you complete a credit counseling class before your bankruptcy can be filed. The class can be done online or by phone.  We will provide you with this information.


5. Signing. You review and sign your petition at our office. For your convenience, we offer a separate room for signing and you may take as long as you wish to review the petition. Corrections and additions can be made at that time. After reviewing your petition, an attorney will address your questions about your petition and Step 8, the Bankruptcy meeting.


6. Filing. The filing of your Bankruptcy marks the beginning of Bankruptcy protection.


Document Phase Contact. Any member of our staff will be happy to assist you in scheduling matters for the paper phase.

7. Class. Debt Management. The court requires that you complete a financial management class before your discharge can be issued. This class can be taken online.  We will provide you with this information.


8. Bankruptcy Meeting. The legal term for your Bankruptcy meeting is a Section 341 Creditors meeting. There is no judge present at this hearing. You will meet with a Trustee in a hearing room. Remember, the purpose of Bankruptcy is to give a fresh start to honest debtors. As long as you are truthful with your attorney, the Bankruptcy Court will help you get a fresh start in life. Narrah Newark is generally the attorney who appears with you.


9. Confirmation of Plan. The confirmation is the Court acceptance of your Chapter 13 payment plan. You do not need to attend this hearing.


10. Discharge. You must distinguish between a discharge and a dismissal. The discharge is the elimination of your debts. The Supreme Court said that Bankruptcy provides "a new opportunity in life and a clear field for future effort." A dismissal means you did not complete your Bankruptcy. A dismissal is the same as never filing a Bankruptcy and your creditors may again take action against you.

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