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Mr. Newark has over 35 years of combined debtor, creditor, and governmental experience.  As a debtor’s attorney he has been part of well of 10,000 successful consumer bankruptcies.  His prior creditor work for banks and other lending institutions prepared him to fight against those same creditors when he represents bankruptcy clients.  His initial government work provided valuable experience dealing with people and the legal system on various levels.


The governmental experience included being a Nevada Deputy Attorney General, as Deputy District Attorney, Assistant City Attorney (Nevada and Arizona), and handling Public Defender conflict of interest.  He has also argued before the Nevada Supreme Court on numerous occasions.  

Miss Newark is an attorney with over ten years of experience helping people through very stressful times.   She has successfully helped thousands of people get out from under enormous debt by filing for relief under the bankruptcy code.  Miss Newark takes pride in working with her father.  

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Together they are dedicated to ensuring that clients are fully informed and understand all of their options.  Ms. Newark believes strongly in developing a strong attorney client relationship.  Nothing frustrates her more than seeing clients at court that do not know who their attorney is, because they only meet with the attorney on the first visit and have never seen the attorney again.   Ms. Newark is dedicated to ensuring the success of each and every one of her clients.


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